Tuesday, September 30, 2008

It's all cosmetic

You're the stylist. You realize that, right?
You decide what the character wears. From the shade of his/her skin to hair to make-up to clothing to body style and shape.
No pressure, right?
This can be a tricky proposition. Do you make your hero/heroine physically foils for each other? Do you match them? How about the builds? Him slight? Her curvy?
You have a million options!!!
One caveat, in my opinion. Do NOT make caricature characters. The ditzy blond with big boobs and no IQ. The jock with more muscles than sense.
Just ewww.
Each character is unique such as each person is unique. Strive to be different yet true to your character's voice. Physical appearance is often extremely telling in the story. And that can be a lot of fun.
Okay my lovelies...my example for the day: Ewan McGregor
Study the two pictures at the top of my blog.
The one on the left is hot. I gotta go with that. The one of the right is certainly not. I think he was attractive in the Star Wars flicks but watched Deception, hope that's the right name, the other night, and he looked like a pre-Spiderman Peter Parker. ugh
Same guy.
Different hair and threads.
Amazing, huh?
I was going to post Hugh Jackman as Wolverine and then Leo in Kate and Leopold. But I was afraid I'd be too distracted to post.

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Rene said...

in my current WIP, my heroine is a basic girl, cute but not spectacular. When she finds out she's a fairy and the spell which hides her is lifted, she is the most beautiful woman she's ever seen, she hates it. Her appearance is part of her conflict.