Monday, October 27, 2008

Inside an author's head

What goes on up there, anyway?
Does Nora dream of Roarke? Is her husband jealous? Is Lora Leigh engineering the next hot hero? Is Stephen King wondering what darling to murder in his latest novel? Is Mary Janice Davidson shoe shopping so she knows EXACTLY which pair Betsy will drool over in her next installment? Is Jill Monroe pondering her next popular Author Talk, sucking down a Sonic soda, or pondering her next sexy book? Is Tori feeling good today? Or is she as disgusted as I am with the cold weather? Is Rene going to do NaNoWriMo again? Will she WIN again? Is Lyvvie throwing together an uber awesome Bento? Or is she about to kill a couple of guys who are helping with the new kitchen?
As for me...
Will MC remember to get all her homework she missed Friday because she was sick? Will there be three hours of homework awaiting me when I arrive home? Will it get above 37 today??? Why can't I get "If I drown, will you drop the charges?" out of my head? (Blame this on a weird ass dream I had right before I woke up. It's humorous, if a bit macabre.) Should I bring my notebooks in and type up my notes for my next four-book series? Will my review for One Enchanted Evening be in the next Romantic Times issue? Should I be working on SWTWC or WATS right now instead of rambling on about the nonsense between my ears?


Tori Lennox said...

Do NOT get me started on the colder weather. Ugh!!! I like my temps in the 70s/80s. Can I have those year 'round, please?

Mr. Me said...

It is only 98 out here today. We're supposed to be 67 tonight.

Lyvvie said...

I woke up to 28F this morning, but it's warmed up to 39F and it's gorgeous; clear skies, no wind. Touch of frost everywhere, damn I love Autumn.

So you should hold off on the writing to dish up on this dream of yours and then I think you'll be freer of mind to compose.

wv: quaco: I beg your pardon?