Monday, October 13, 2008

Page 113

I warned her. She can't say I didn't.
OC decided to do a book report on "One Enchanted Evening." *smile*
And it's comparatively mild to other books I've written. I gave the thumbs up.

OC will be in therapy for years to come, my friends.
She comes home Thursday waving the book around and saying "Page 113! I had to quit reading. I think I'm scarred for life."
I, of course, am rolling.
I explain that it's a romance. These things happen. She asks if they will happen again. Yes, I reply. At least once more. I grin. Possibly twice.
OC appears to consider fainting but sucks it up.
Not only does the infamous Page 113 circulate amongst my children, apparently it also circulates to the girls' friends at school.
"She ached for him"? OC demanded. She shudders. "Eww."
I reply, they are adults. They ache. Get over it.
MC chimes in and wonders how I know these things.
An eerie silence falls over the entire living room.
"I don't want to know!" They scream in unison.


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Rene said...

too funny. I do wonder if and when I sell a book what I'm going to do if my kids ask to read one. Like I'm going to be able to stop them *snort*