Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Librarian Female Archetype and the Boy Catalog

Some lovely somebody found my blog through searching the words "Librarian Female Archetype." Now. I'm curious as to what the "librarian archetype" would be?
Tight ass bun on the back of woman's head? High ruffled collar buttoned up to throat? Pencil skirt with sensible black loafers?
Screw. That.
I'm a Librarian Female. *grins* And never a bun has touched the back of my head. I don't like things on my throat. And I've never worn a damn pencil skirt in my life.
I am, in fact, wearing my black bondage sandals. LOL
The answer to your unasked question is...NO. I'm not into that lifestyle. But that's what my black shiny strappy shoes remind me of. (Guess we all know what I think about a majority of the time.) And during the warmer months I go sleeveless where one of my tattoos shows. ALL of the customers love it. I've received compliments from kids up to the elderly.
Librarian archetype?
Bite me.

Now for the boy catalog. It seems to me with all the hormonal teenage girls running around in my home that I should have SOME say as to who they will eventually procreate with. I'm just saying. :)~~
There's a certain boy who I think would make great son-in-law material. *whistling*
He's smart. Noticed I did something with my hair. And likes Middle Chicken. He's obviously three for three.
I suppose I'll bide my time on this one. MC seems to become highly perturbed when I don't refer to this boy by name but simply..."my future son-in-law."

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Lyvvie said...

Come on! If you like him you must say how much you hate him so she runs to him even more. Gee wizz, play the game Chrys!