Thursday, May 29, 2008

You want to nip/tuck where???

Yeah, ok. I'll admit it. I've been checking out and *sigh*
Should have known better.

And what do I see? A new kind of plastic surgery that I just NEED to blog about.
Apparently, there are ladies out there getting their goodies worked over. I'm not talking in the breastal area. Oh no. I'm talking nether region goodies.
I am horrified.
There is talk about the justification of having a tighter, more aesthetically pleasing goody area.
And to this I respond...are you freaking kidding me?

So I'm flipping through a magazine in the staff area, and what do I see?
A half page ad for I shit you not. The Central Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation Institute.
We have an institute for this. Process that for a moment.
A client can have Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation. Or perhaps, Designer Laser Vaginoplasty.
And then...there's the G shot.
This is also known as G-spot amplification. Ok. Let's all think about this. You're getting a shot to enlarge this lovely little spot. Pretty soon, you'll be taping it down. But, just think, if you have a healthy sneeze, you'd probably be happy all day. *grins*

I don't personally check myself out. I realize that started back in the sixties. Women with mirrors examining every nook and cranny. Methinks my nooks and crannies are fine. And if they're not *shrug* go play with someone else's.
And what are these women gonna do?
"Gee. Take a little off the top. And maybe a bit on the right side."
Or are they going to bring in a Playboy and point with a smile. "Yeah. I'll have what she's having."
Sheesh. Seriously.
This is for women with more money than sense. Or women with partners who are constantly trying to fit their women into some specific pigeonhole.
Screw that.
And keep your laser away from my goodies.


Lyvvie said...

I think this kind of surgery is more aimed at - traditionally - at women (like me) who've had excessive scarring and damage due to tearing with vaginal births (I have no left side, I've got a lopsided VJJ, I call it "FrankenFanny). I did read once about a woman who had such excessively long labia that they made slurpy noises during sex that grosses her out, and looked like she was packing when in a swimsuit.

So there's my TMI for the day done!

But I do agree that this is yet another example of plastic surgery gone unfeministically (I made that word up, but I like it) commercial and wrong and medical community telling women they are imperfect. As it is I have yet to hear any man (or lesbian) say they find the shape of their woman's vagina unsettling and unwomanly.

Rene said...

Oh, these are big business in L.A. And, as Lyvvie pointed out, there is corrective surgery for old birth injuries, that's not who these doctors are aiming for. I thought it was a joke when I first heard about it... then I saw a billboard. I think this kind of surgery is meant to give women a false sense of youth. I think it is revolting myself. And if you read the sports page, you will find ads for surgeons who glamorize men's penises as well. Geez, suddenly I'm not hungry for breakfast anymore.

Mr. Me said...

This is California, our bodies are everything to us. I know of several places where you can get this done.

Crystal* said...

Hello my lovelies!

I realize that there may be big business in this. But I, in my naivete, assumed this would stick to the coasts.
The ad I saw was for Oklahoma.
Go figure.

Bryan said...

The one that bothers me the most is the hymen restoration surgery. It's not the dishoensty of it that bothers me (though there is that), but rather that whether or not she appears to be a virgin matters a damn when considering whether or not you love her.