Friday, May 16, 2008

8th Grade Promotion

Yesterday was busy!!!
Got off work at noon and started the running around. Zipped to Cato's and bought a new shirt. Then Dollar Tree to pick up some decorations. Then Wal-Mart. Zipped home. Took a shower. Picked up the chickens. Raced back to town. Had Oldest Chicken's hair straightened.

It took an hour.

Her hair is so thick and curly that I honestly was climbing the walls because we didn't get out of there until five. STILL had to go to Wal-Mart for her clothes. THEN drive 25 minutes home.




So we hurry out of the hair place and to Wal-Mart. Probably the fastest shopping trip for me in awhile. THEN we got behind this freaking lady who had NO idea what the hell she was doing in the self-checkout. I was soooooooooooo not thinking charitable thoughts.

By this time, it's about twenty til six, and I still have a long drive. And OC was supposed to be there by 6:15. AND...we had to go by the house first and collect her gown and the rest of the family.


So I'm driving down I-40.

Okay...I'm driving like a bat out of hell down I-40. Made it home in record time. Slammed the sodas in the fridge. Grabbed my camera. Shuffled off to school.


It was SUCH a wonderful graduation!!! Oldest Chicken looked so good. And yeah, I gotta admit, there may have been a few tears when they called her name. *smile*

Then we went home and took so many pictures that OC said that there were dots everywhere.


Yeah, I got carried away.


So I've got a fridge full of KFC. Freezer full of ice-cream. And a chicken headed off to high school.

Isn't it great???


Mr. Me said...

Everyone in the family really enjoyed the picture!!!

Tell Caitlin we said congratulations!!!

michellewillingham said...

Congratulations!!! Isn't it great being a proud Mama?

Rene said...

How great is that? What a crazy day! Congratulations!