Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I've brewed long enough. Now I'll spew forth my opinion on several topics. Woe to those who don't like profanity. Pleasanter blogs to come later.
Don't judge me. Don't judge my actions because that's not the way you would have acted. Don't judge my grief because you don't approve. Don't you fucking dare look at me for an apology for emotions that are out of my control.
Don't manipulate every situation to suit yourself. Don't throw your hands in the fucking air, leave everything to me, then get pissed off because I took action. Screw you.
Don't judge oldest chicken because of the clothes she wears. A man four times her age doesn't have the right to talk about her because it suits him. Shame on you. And aren't you old enough to know better? And by the way, the girls' school wants females to wear dresses at promotion. OC doesn't own a dress. I've fired off a letter this morning informing the principal she'll be wearing nice dress pants. Don't pull your authoritarian bullshit with me. It's gender bias, in my opinion.
How DARE you fucked-up people have children and lock them in the basement! Or train them to be a dominatrix at eleven! Or any of that other sick bullshit that the world almost didn't find out about.
There's a special place in hell for people like you.
How DARE you hike gas prices up when people are barely making it as it is. And then the government wants people to spend the stimulus money on luxuries? Luxuries right now are food and gas, you presidential jackass.
How dare you dress your child(ren) in rags while your hair is perfectly manicured and so are your fingernails. You're a pathetic excuse for a human being.
I feel better.
*breathing deeply*
Nicer blog to come this evening.


Tori Lennox said...

C'mon, tell us how you REALLY feel. *g*

Crystal* said...

I know
But there are just too many asshats in the world, and I've seem to come across several in the past month.
Um...had to blow.
*grins* word verification is:
oh geez

Lyvvie said...

Go Chrys Go!

Ok ok, I occasionally let my kids go out in scruffy, rag-tag clothes because they are sloppy, knee-skinning herberts and I would be mean to not let them have their fun just so they don't get their clothes dirty. BUT I also do not have a hairdo or a manicure. Jeans with knees in the holes, yes. What was that? Holes on the knees. Yes. I'm keeping that typo because it's so me it would be a shame to edit.

How did the pants talk with Principal Upskirt go?