Wednesday, May 07, 2008

It's Wednesday? You don't say.

I worked Saturday. And I use the term "work" loosely. I vaguely remember inhaling decongestants at a rapid rate of speed. The day is, quite frankly, a blur. I called in Monday and Tuesday because I honestly thought my sinuses were going to explode. Today is a bit better, but I still have the lovely cough that reminds me of why I adore my bed so much.
Didn't write AT ALL Monday. Consciousness was a perk that day. But I did write a bit yesterday. Couple thousand words on WATS and around three thousand on Earth Goddess.
So I'm feeling a little better about life in general. I'm also in the midst of editing Wind Goddess.
It's another lovely day here in Oklahoma. The sun is hiding, and the rain is coming down like a mother. Thank God the chickens are in school. Because they spazz out in weather like this. LOL
I usually work a late night tonight but didn't because of a schedule change and a meeting. So I'll be going home at a decent hour and making some chicken and mac 'n' cheese. And then finding my lovely pillow and getting horizontal on my couch. Mebbe tap out a few more words. Depends on how the day treats me.


Rene said...

I have had a lingering cold for over two weeks now and it driving me insane. Not enough to keep me in bed but enough to make everything difficult. Glad you are feeling better. Weather is miserable here too. Hello? It's May? Time for Spring?

Sandie Hudson said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better. I hate colds, they just suck. I was over at CataU and saw you're word count great going. Hope the cold clears so you feel more like writing.


Oh and it’s autumn over here, or is that down here? (Shrugs, because I don’t know) So I have winter to look forward too. We have just come out of over two weeks of constant rain.

Lyvvie said...

Everyone's got the sniffles it seems - pollen is a bitch.

I envy your tenacious writing. I need an attention span, do they come on prescription?

Hope the rain lifts soon - we're being spoiled with amazing weather. Which means I just jinxed it.