Thursday, May 01, 2008


Last weekend I only had two chickens. This weekend I will have my three plus two more.
Do the math.
I let Middle Chicken convince me that two of her lovely friends should come over. From Friday evening until Sunday afternoon.
I really don't think there's enough Xanax in the world. But that's just me.
Seem to be dragging my ass lately. No energy. Sucked down a Red Bull this morning in the industrial size can. Allergies are acting up. So I balanced out my Red Bull with a decongestant.
The results should be, ah, interesting.
Last night I worked late, and the chickens, once again, decided to grace me with their presence until about twelve-thirty. I need the lowdown, of course. So it's all good.
Until I have to prop my peepers open with toothpicks. Then it's all downhill. pfffttttt
Working on the writing this weekend. Going to tune out the short people. Stock up on snacks and movies. Let them go to town with it.
And did I mention that at least one of the other two adopted chickies is JUST LIKE Middle Chicken?
Oh yeah. *grins* It's like having a blond Middle Chicken in my midst.
I'm off work tomorrow. Taking the chickens (who are out EVERY Friday in the month of May) on a field trip.
Pictures to come.

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AliceAnderson said...

Do the chickens allow you any time to write for the May Challenge? You'd better get busy, or one of the co-hosts my be making chicken soup. ;)