Thursday, May 08, 2008

Love me some nose spray

This morning I was rocking along with my bad self. Semi-conscious (which I really all I can ask for at 7:15 am). Took a couple of mucinex for my cough. All is well. Still wore the hell out but actually ambulatory.
Now it's 4:35. My nostrils are closing up. I can just feel them. And what did I forget? WHAT DID I FORGET???
The damn nose spray. *sigh* But it's a short sigh. Because currently my nostrils aren't working.
For the love of God.

I think I forgot to tell everyone that my favorite bra broke. I only mention this because I'm currently wearing one that I've never worn before, and um, not sure if I like it or not. My favorite was a lovely maroon. And it broke after I went to go put it on after tanning.
That's right. At lunch. You know...that short period of time you have between leaving work and going back to it?
Lucky for me, I kinda had this two shirt thing going on. Actually one shirt but it had this underthingy sewn in. So I just bip back to work with the girls swinging free and easy. *grins*
Wasn't too obvious, thank God. Or I may have had to book it home.
But that brings me back to the bra I have on now.
Not sure if I care for it or not.
It's a lovely red lacy job. Embroidery here and there. *shrug* Just not the same.
There really is something about finding the perfect bra. Oh, and the fact that I toasted my tatas tanning today.
Try that on for some hellacious alliteration.

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Lyvvie said...

When I have a cold the first thing to happen is my nose clamps shut and I can't sleep like that. I must have nose spray.

I recently bought two new bras and after wearing them for a week and washing them once, they both now creak at the cleavage whenever I lean forward. I don't much like having creaky boobs. Damned underwires.