Monday, July 02, 2007

Royalty resides here

Sunday was an interesting day. I wrote (about 8000 words). I split those between two different works. One that's already contracted...and um, one I can't get out of my head. *grins*
Oldest and baby chicken were reading in baby chicken's room. Both hovered over an air vent. *eye roll*
That left middle chicken at odds with the world. So what does she proceed to do?

Well...she grabs a white fitted sheet and drapes it around her neck. Then she pomps and circumstances down our long hall while looking for her "subjects." And when she finds them, she tries to "knight" them.
I. Am. Rolling. I meander off to bed last night...what do I see?
This note on middle chicken's door: (the name has been changed to protect my royal heathen)

Do not come in! I am busy for the rest of my (Queen) life.
Middle Chicken of
Middle Chicken Land

And I thought I had it rough. LMAO

And just in case you didn't know...Fire Goddess is available NOW~! Hie thee to Whiskey Creek Press and check it out.

What else? Well...What He Wants is in the Top Ten Bestsellers for WCP Torrid for the eleventh month!!! Yay!
Makes me a happy camper, my friends.

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Rene said...

That is really cute. What good kids you have. Wanna trade?