Saturday, July 07, 2007

Medium to well done

Took the chickens to the pool just a bit ago. We stayed for almost three hours. Then our peepers began to feel like hot little coals. So we're zipping around and will head back home in an hour or so.
Tomorrow is a work day. Gotta clean up the lovely firework paraphenalia from last night. And mow the cursed lawn. And write.

Picked up the Writer's Market 2008. This book is utterly invaluable. And my stationary/office supply fetish kicks in whenever it's around. Then I post-it note to the nth power and tell myself that it's not really a sickness. Oh. And paper clips. And highlighters. *swoon* Love me a big book to play in.
If you should have this. No doubt.
AND Stephen King's On Writing. You will learn more about the craft from him than just about anyone else. It's a very personal and valuable view into his mind and the craft of writing. Not to mention, it's funnier than hell. And I do mean LAUGH OUT LOUD.
Of course...if you're not much for may want to take that sharpie and mark out all the curse words. For me? They just added the realism value.
It's as if he and I were sitting at a large lovely oak table with a fireplace crackling behind us. We sipped our drinks and mulled over the intricacies and delicacies of our writing. He, the tutor. I, the apprentice.
Good times, my friends. Good times.

Well. I've got to peel off the first two layers of skin I burned off myself and inhale some medicinal Diet Pepsi. Then I'm off to comb through my Writer's Market and tap out a few words on a couple of projects.
Hey! Somebody's gotta do it!

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Debra said...

I'm glad to hear I'm not the only writer who swoons over new Writer's Markets. They bring out my post-it, paperclip and highlighter fetishes, too.

Loved Stephen King's book "On Writing" but I still couldn't get a good sense of what exactly makes him so good. The truth is, I suspect he doesn't know, either.