Tuesday, July 03, 2007

My self-interview in the WCP Newsletter

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Crystal Inman on her new release, Fire Goddess

Hello my lovelies! Crystal Inman here. I'm an author with Whiskey Creek Press. Kate asked if I could swing by and chit-chat a little about my books, myself, and my newest release—Fire Goddess. And since I talk to myself frequently…this should be a piece of cake.
I live in Oklahoma in the middle of nowhere with my three beautiful daughters. (I think this will come in handy when they want to date in a couple of years.) I work full-time and write for Whiskey Creek Press under this name and Whiskey Creek Press Torrid under the pen name C'ann Inman. I grew up reading romance and am beyond thrilled to be writing it.
I enjoy writing characters who feel as if they live and breathe off the pages. Because when you have days when your Weather Pixie on your blog (http://chryscat. blogspot. com) wears better clothes than you…you have to have a rich, fantasy life. And I do.
I've written several sub-genres of romance: Contemporary, Time Travel, Erotic, Fantasy and Paranormal. The Portrait, a paranormal romance, garnered four and a half stars from Romantic Times Magazine (July 2007). What He Wants, an erotic romance, has been in the Top Ten Titles for WCP Torrid for a year.
Writing and reading romance are two of my greatest pleasures. I'm all about the happily-ever- after, especially when life doesn't quite turn out the way we think it should. And doesn't that happen more often than not? And heaven knows, sometimes this is a daily occurrence. But when I can engage two or more characters in a literary dance…there is magic. And you and I are swept away to another place. Where the women give as good as they get, and the men are hotter than hot. Not a bad way to spend some time. *grin*
I developed the Guardian Goddess series from a simple premise: Every woman is a goddess. Wait! Don't choke on your drink! I'm serious. We are multi-tasking, hard-working individuals who sometimes forget about ourselves in the day-to-day we call life. Each Goddess in my books must choose a mortal to nurture, guide, and protect. And only when the four Goddesses work together and triumph, shall they move on to greater responsibility and power. And we mortals can be difficult. *laugh*
I gave each of the Goddesses an element to correspond to: Fire, Water, Wind, and Earth. And then I set about matching them up with a mortal who truly needs a Goddess. I believe you'll enjoy the results.Fire Goddess is available July 1, 2007 from Whiskey Creek Press. The incredible cover comes from Jinger Heaston, the wonderful editing by Chere Gruver. (When they say it takes a village…they aren't kidding.) And I'd like to thank both these women. But I'd also like to thank you, the reader. You inspire me to greater heights in writing. And you push me to come up with ideas and stories that that will engage us both.

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