Thursday, June 28, 2007

It's still not Friday, is it?

Saw a friend of mine today that I haven't seen for YEARS! And I've known her since third grade. Yeah. You just hush. I'm aware of how many decades ago that was. *grins*

So we caught up a bit. And I saw her daughter. And she saw two of my three chickens. Wow. Time really DOES fly. And just for a refresher...ALL my chickens will be in middle school next year.
*sinking into chair*
Heaven help me.

In other news...the kittens are now getting about in the yard by sitting in the girls' shoes and rowing with a popsicle stick.
I. Am sick. Of this blasted rain.

Hope to go swimming Saturday. We'll see how that pans out. And I'll be writing Sunday. Yes. ALL DAY. Come hell, high water, or um...whatever else. It must be done. Also sending off money for my next Romantic Times Ad. I think it's going to be out in November. Yeah. Pretty sure that's the month.

We're closed the Fourth of July next week. And we close early on the third. Yay! So we'll have to see what mischief and mayhem the chickens and I can stir up. *rubbing hands together*
Woe to the unsuspecting is all I'm saying.

addendum: And when I check my sitemeter and it says people are finding their way here by googling or searching "anbesol addict"...I worry. I really do. *snickering*

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It's Monday It's Monday!!