Monday, July 09, 2007

Rome wasn't built in a day

But I doubt they also imported each grain of sand.

I'm having difficulties getting into one of my books. I see the ending as clear as day. And I have two elements that are swimming along in my mind waiting to jump in when appropriate. But it's still rather hard.
And I'm not enjoying it. One. Little. Bit.

And then there's another book which I love. Can't wait to tap along in that one. And it's driving me nuts.
Oh wait! And then there's an Erotic Romance in which I'm targeting Ellora's Cave. And another erotic short story.

Anybody have any ibuprofen???
I'm telling ya. The party never ends here, folks.

And I can't get this line from a movie out of my head: Alcohol is a social lubricant.
Am I hooked by the term lubricant? The reference to alcohol? Don't know. But I find the sentence highly entertaining. And I'm waiting for JUST the right moment to slide that bad boy into some conversation. *grins*

Just another Manic Monday.

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