Monday, July 23, 2007

Two or three?

Bullshit. Utter bullshit.

If you're expecting only two or three characters to die in Harry Potter and the Deathly'd be dead wrong. I won't post spoilers here because I'm all about everyone reading it for him/herself. I will say that I started reading under the misconception that only a small handful of characters I've come to know and love would perish. And when I reached a fifth of the way through the book, and I was past that number...I was displeased. The displeasure built as a character I thoroughly loved and enjoyed was killed.
Picture this:
Mama and the chickens riding in the van one day heading home. I'm driving. *snickering*
Anyway...we start to discuss HP #7. And we all agree that the Triad (Harry, Hermione, and Ron) cannot die. Nope. I'm not digging that at all. And then I name three other characters I just couldn't bear to lose.
Now...picture this:
Me reading #7. It's a fight scene. Huge battle. So far...I'm almost well with those that have passed. And then it of my three passes. *snap* Just like that. And I cried. Oldest chicken who was reading on the bed (her copy) with me cries just because I do. And it royally sucks. I LOVED this character. So I've got a blinding headache because well...I don't cry pretty. And I'm dashing away tears and telling myself that Jo really just pissed me off. My heart is halfway broke. And thus the power of Potter. So just be warned...if you're mentally ticking off characters that'll be going past six. Easy.

Oldest chicken made me laugh when she said she was researching a bit about the book and was worried before it's release because "British people don't care when they kill people." Lovely, huh? She's such a nut. And she's plowing through at a rapid rate of speed, also. I started at 8:30 Saturday. Finished at 4:00. Took a break for breakfast and one for lunch.

Then when I was done with Potter...went outside and mowed the lawn for a good four and a half hours. Came back in and watched the last two episodes of Dr. Who Season 2. Which, by the way, is also a tearjerker.

I'm not saying don't enjoy Potter. Because it's a fantastic book. There's a lot of depth. A lot of growing up. And it's fascinating.
I wish the Epilogue would have been longer. And I sure as hell wish she would have spared that one character. But if you've stuck with Potter this'll need to read it. And finally say good-bye to The Boy Who Lived.



Rene said...

I love it when the authro kills off beloved characters. I'm just nutty that way. I love the emotional drain it gives me. I'll probably start reading it in the next day or so.

Lyvvie said...

ARG!!! Me too me tooo!!! i had to ut the book down and angrily scour the kitchen I was so mad the book for killing that awesome person!It was wrong wrong wrong!

Just wrong. I'll tell her if I see her...

Joely Sue Burkhart said...

Ugh, don't read George RR Martin's Song of Ice and Fire (or something like that) fantasy series. I stopped at book 3 when all but a handful of the original large family had died, the mother and son at a terribly bloody wedding.