Friday, January 07, 2005

Working the weekend

I have stuff to do. Wait. Wait. That may be an understatement. I have so much to do I'm going to be on a naproxen and diet pepsi cocktail drip for the entire weekend. Something exploded in my living room. *muttering* Crafts, freaking crafts. Everywhere. Can't find sofa.
I need to work on my blocks some more. There are groceries to buy. Somehow, 48 hours just doesn't seem quite enough for this. I'm waiting for the "Manic Me" to kick in. Think Mini-Me on steroids and speed. I wonder what concoction I could brew to bring about this effect. Hmmmmmmm
I will ponder this conundrum and iron out the situation on the morrow.
NOTE: I slept approximately three hours last night. Take this with a grain of salt.'s the whole damn container. LMAO


none said...

Crafts! You better have some blocks in there somewhere!

none said...

And not painted one! Laughing.

chryscat said...

I keep them things on my desk. Heaven Forbid I mix my two addictions.