Friday, January 21, 2005

I know this never happened on HGTV

Well then. Ahem. I decided to replace my OLD cabinet handles and knobs. Picking them out, NO problem. Taking some of the old ones off-->PROBLEM.
I was hammering away. The little suckers were STUCK on there. The screws had been painted, and they simply wouldn't give. So I decided a large, flathead screwdriver and hammer was the way to go. Silly, silly girl.
FYI...Do NOT...I repeat...DO NOT EVER PUT YOUR HAND ABOVE THE SAID HAMMERING SPOT. You could be subject to the freaking screwdriver going up underneath your left thumbnail. It smarts a tad bit. There will be blood. Cursing...oh YES...LOADS of cursing. I actually think I made up a few new ones.
Thank goodness the thumb is almost useless in typing. I'd really be screwed to the wall LMAO!
But FINALLY...they all surrendered to my ministrations and persistence. Looks lovely, I say. Hinges next week.

1 comment:

Nancy J. Bond said...

Oh, ouch! I'm sure the end results were worth it, but........hinges? Protect those digits, girl! ;-)