Wednesday, January 19, 2005

An Odd Sort of Day

I'm having an odd sort of day. You know, the ones where everything gets done, but it's also off-kilter. Things aren't quite right somehow. I didn't work on my blocks today because I needed a little sabbatical. I've been at least thinking about them every day and what to do with them. I didn't think about them today until around six-thirty. My mind thanks me. My sanity offers its profuse thanks, also.
My brain is an odd, little piece of work itself. Right now, I'm thinking about my blocks, scenes for THE NOVEL, a story which I have completed about 25%, a sequel to my first novel coming out, characters for another novel, and a sequel to a thriller I wrote. There's more, but it's hard for me to verbalize. Or jot down, if you will. Oh, *snapping fingers*, and my character letters. I knew there was something else in the forefront. *laughing* And Harry Potter...something about Harry Potter.

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none said...

I think you might need to sit in front of the TV for a day or two, out of the kitchen with the hammer, and out of any story! OMG!

I hope you will feel better soon. A big sincere hug from The Witch.