Thursday, January 20, 2005

It's all about perspective

I have Rave Wine paint all over my hands and arms. It's actually quite lovely. Rather like someone randomly painted me. Other than the truth of me forgetting where I painted, and therefore leaning against the wet spots. But it's pretty. I like it.
I had a calm day. Didn't get to sleep until after two o'clock last night. My hours are so screwed up. But I woke-up feeling human. So I took the opportunity to paint. And man. Paint I did.
It was in the seventies here. Light south wind. I actually laid out today. I'm a sun worshipper. Hell on the skin. Lovely feeling on these bones. I'm feeling mellow. It's such a rarity, I embraced it today. I wasn't out-of-sorts. I wasn't racing about frantically. (That's tomorrow. I checked the calendar.) I think today was the balance to yesterday. Definite improvement.

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