Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Unfinished Business and Matchmaker

I've thrown myself back into my writing with a vengeance. It's absolutely wonderful. I actually started writing Matchmaker. And I've made myself laugh again. These characters are slightly humorous. Life is less hectic now.
Except for the middle girl having some sort of bizarre eye infection. We're making a trip to the doctor tomorrow to check it out. Apparently, it bothered her all day. So off we go. And she and the youngest go to the dentist Friday. And it is supposed to RAIN here. LOTS Friday and Sunday. I don't mind the rain. I mind the north wind that accompanies it.
My tomorrow will be busy. Thursday won't be so bad. Friday will also be hectic. Weekend should be a stay inside affair.
I'll be polishing my query letter for "A Life Unraveled" this weekend. I have complete faith this one will be picked up and turned into a series. I've already formulated the next book's plot. It's all good :)~~

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It all sounds very good, indeed. Janie