Sunday, January 09, 2005

A blocking we will go...

Blocking. I don't have a hard time doing it. And honestly, I enjoy it. I'm halfway through with them, and I plan on finishing them by late this next weekend. EVERYONE will be gone Wed.-Fri. That will be my time to really take what I have and work through it.
THE NOVEL has me all excited. I can't wait to put all my thoughts and blocks and pieces into a cohesive, if not pretty at first, form. I need to write my character letters, but since I already hear their voices in my head, it's simply TIME that is of the essence.
Victoria, Brady, Hugh, and Connor all need letters. They each have a strong voice, and their stories will continue through the series. If I finish my blocks, I will write letters for Jane, Margaret, and Clayton. They are all fixed firmly and soundly in my head. Now is the time to make sure I let them breathe life into the paper and their story.


none said...

I cannot wait to read your character letters. It's all so nice. Good to hear that you are enjoying the blocking. I do too. What I hate are these darn character sheets, and I am still doing them.

But I am going to be all right.

What kind of crafts are you making. Michelle told me tonight she was knitting caps! OMG!


chryscat said...

Oh man! If I could knit, I would REALLY be in trouble. LMAO!
I'm just making little crafts to go on my walls and such. I'm painting all the trim in my living room and "countryfying" it. I plan on tying in a picture I bought with my crafts. Picket fences. Bird houses. Very old-timey looking. Course, we're knocking out all the windows in the living room and adding on in about seven months. I believe I'll add that to the calendar.

none said...

OMG!!!!!!!!! Yeah, you better add that.