Sunday, January 02, 2005

The kids are going back to school AKA The Happy Dance

Ahhhhhh...the blissful sounds of the school bus coming to pick up my children and ferry them off to school. How I've missed them (GGG)
But the school year is halfway over. How can that be? Didn't I just buy $300 worth of school supplies YESTERDAY? (Checking calendar ONCE more and becoming utterly disgusted) Guess not. Kids are anxious to go back, and I'm anxious to continue work on THE NOVEL. Rather hard to write between the screaming, fighting, and unpleasantness. Oh, wait. That's me. LMAO!!!
Seems like we've turned another corner. And I'm excited to see how this year is going to shape up. I just received an e-mail from the woman doing my cover art on "Virtually Yours." I can't wait! I feel the need to immerse myself in my writing. Wallow, if you will. "Virtually Yours" is coming out in October, and I need to get going on putting up a website of my own. Wow...a website of my own. That's one dream that's right around another corner.


Michelle said...

Congratulations sweetie! Has she sent you your cover yet? I'd love to see it! Congrat's and I guess we'll both wallow together won't we?

none said...

What are you doing? Where are you at? Hmmmmm. Janie :grins: