Wednesday, April 01, 2009

They're at that age

My cell phone and I are mere acquaintances. She is really, however, tight with the girls. Especially Oldest and Middle Chicken. In fact, I can no longer arrive home and ask how everyone's day is because I get "Can I have your cell phone?"
Ya. Like that.
After another day of working hard, I arrive home to the same greeting and just hand the little piece of technology over. Go exercise. Clean up. Go back to where the three of them are all huddled together.
And I observe.
There is some HEAVY DUTY flirting going on here. Multiple heavy duty flirting. Five or six different conversations (laden with hormones, I might add) that has me cracking up in my little chair.
And whispering.
LOTS of whispering.
I get up and start to make myself some eggs and casually glance behind me to see MC whisper in OC's ear. I smile and say, "You really don't think you're fooling anyone, do ya?"
Guilt. Stricken. Faces.
I hold in my laughter. BARELY.
And I continue. "Do you seriously think that you're pulling something over on me? That I wasn't a teenage girl once?" Pause. "Seriously?"
OC is laughing. She looks at MC and says, "I think Mom knows."
Hell yes, Mom knows. Are you kidding?
So I let the flirtfest continue.
The upside? My phone doesn't send pictures.

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Rene said...

My son has a cell phone and he is in to texting. I keep asking him wouldn't it be easier just to talk on the phone? Apparently I'm an idiot, at least that is the look I get. His conversations are pretty darn dull, no giggling.