Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Over my dead body

Sarah Palin wants my child.
She can't have her.

Oldest Chicken is in 9th grade. And yes, she goes to Upward Bound during the summer. And yes, again, college is not that far off.

We received our first college brochure yesterday. It slightly freaked me out. What really pushed me over the edge is that it was for an Alaskan college.
Hell. To the no.

She seemed pleased that the brochure came. And I remember the feeling well. It's cool for a place of higher education to show interest in you.
But if I have to kill myself and then put my last wishes in my will that she not go to Alaska (whatever the hell) U it's called...just brace yourself.


Mr. Me said...

I want Sarah!
She is just so darn sexy!
Her glasses, those eyes, and that cute little body of hers.
If Sarah wants me, I'd readily join her.

Love you cuz... but I have to disagree with you on this one.

I think Sarah is a class act - despite her little faux pas like not knowing what the VP does. She's hard working and sexy.

Mr. Me said...

BTW I was planning on voting for McCain for the longest time (even though I'm a Democrat) because I didn't like anything that came out of Obama's mouth; especially when it came to education. Then this Sarah lady came along and totally energized me. I was on the McCain/Palin ticket. Then in the last 3 weeks or so of the campaign when McCain was just out to get anyone and a grumpy old man I had to give Obama my vote.

But I do like her. I plan on starting my own Palin fanclub.