Monday, April 20, 2009

Both sides

I gotta admit it. I sometimes miss the days where I could sit at home and write at leisure. That was a luxury. Now I cram the writing in after work or on weekends.
But on the flip side, if I didn't work at the library then I probably wouldn't have enjoyed the compliment I received today so much.
A customer came up, and told me she really enjoyed the first two books of the Elemental Guardian series--but particularly Water Goddess.
It tickled me.

Speaking of both sides, the next two days I'll be at OLA (Oklahoma Library Association) Conference. I'm going to listen Tuesday and speak Wednesday. I'm on the Author's panel with Jordan Dane, Mel Odom, and Charles Strasser. On the other side of the table are my other set of peers.
Chocolate pretzel anyone???
Wish me luck!

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Lyvvie said...

Chocolate pretzels - YUM! Yes please.

Library conferences must be interesting. What did you all talk about?