Thursday, April 16, 2009

Lost in Ada

I had to take Middle Chicken to the dermatologist in Ada yesterday. I've been to Ada before. Hell, I went two years at ECU there. I freakin' had a printed out page with directions on it.
Did it matter?
Not so much.

So we head down Main Street which ends up right in front of ECU. I can't go straight. But I can go left or right. I hang a left. I'm currently headed in the right direction. Then I go all the way down to 4th. Which, once again, is correct. Then I, in my infinite wisdom, make a left.
And I continue to head down 4th which turns into Arlington but is still 4th and God knows what else.
Not much luck.
So there is an intersection there on 4th/Arlington and Mississippi. I hit every direction those flippin' stop signs are on. North. South. East. West. Still haven't made it to the clinic.
I'm not irritated. I'm amused. Because this is a given. If I have a choice, I will pick the wrong direction EVERY time.
So I drive back toward the evil stop sign and pull into a gas station. Ask directions. (I'm very good at this, by the way.)
And yes, I should have made a RIGHT on 4th. Because the street I need is three stop lights down. lmao
So. After giving myself and hour and forty five minutes leeway, we make it to MC's appointment with half an hour to spare.
Then, on our many travels about town, we saw a Salvation Army store. MC is excited because that means I may actually let her buy something. We head in. She doesn't want anything. I bought the CUTEST ladybug straw purse for a dollar.
The trip out of town was not nearly as eventful. We cranked the tunes. MC eyeballed the farmers in their trucks. And we both sucked down caffeine to beat the band.

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