Wednesday, April 08, 2009

James Bond and Baby Chicken

Can I just say that Quantum of Solace is a kickass movie? That Daniel Craig as James Bond completely does it for me? That I, who don't buy many movies, will purchase BOTH Bond movies with Daniel Craig in them.
He IS James Bond. Holy hell.
The movie started right away in a car chase sequence. And I was hooked. Period.
The girls refuse to watch the movie since I find it so *ahem* interesting. lmao

And speaking of the chickens. Let me post an excerpt of a note I found to me this morning penned by Baby Chicken:
"Dear Mom,
Hey! What's up? I hope you have a good night and nothing sicotic happens."

Yeah. That makes two of us.
And the p.s.?
"Don't return Quantum of Solace. I might watch it. (MAYBE)"

Hell. I might watch it again.


Rene said...

Yeah, I feel the same way about Daniel Craig. I think he is beyond awesome. I'd leave my family for that man. Don't think its going to be a problem LOL.

My son doesn't think he is a good Bond. I beat him soundly and put him on restriction until he changes his mind.

Lyvvie said...

He is the best Bond ever ever and I live in Sean Connery land, D.C. is The Bond! Damn fine hunk of man.