Tuesday, March 10, 2009

It's not my job

Hearing this one phrase come out of someone's, ANYONE'S, mouth drives me up the wall.
Case in point: Last night after work I had to go to the local grocery store and get a money order. So I walk up to the little counter and wait. The woman behind the counter is on the phone, and when she finally gets off the phone, turns to me and stares blankly.
I wait.
She finally says, the girl that works in the office will be back in a minute. I'll wait until she gets back, and she can help you.
I simply look back at her.
She pauses and asks, "What do you need?"
I needed a freaking money order for a $1.82 for an added finance charge from a place that wouldn't take my mastercard. So let me reiterate. A money order for $1.82.
This chick would rather stand there and make excuses than to punch in three numbers and produce a money order.
She finally acquiesces. I thought that was a nice change of pace from the blank stare and shuffling.
But seriously.
If it's not your job, then whose the hell is it? And what if it isn't their job either? Isn't there anyone who will actually stand up and do a little extra? God forbid. If I hear "I get paid by the hour" one more time for a coworker, I'm going to scream.
Yes. You do get paid by the hour. We all do. Get a little pride in your work, and quit acting like a whining three-year old.
You have a job. You have a life. You have areas in both of those when you will be asked to do crap you don't want to do in many horrible ways. But you damn do it. Or you should. Because guess what? It IS your freakin' job.
Now suck it up. Get it right. And get me my damn $1.82 money order.


Rene said...

Hello? This is why they work at a place that sells money orders rather than being a brain surgeon. For some reason people can't figure out that doing their job with some level of pride whether it is brain surgeon or money order salesperson will make it so much easier for everyone, including themselves. It makes the day go faster, impresses their boss, gets them a better job.

Mr. Me said...

I could have been snide and would have added that I'm glad you still have a job with how bad your service is and in this economy when people are so in need of jobs.