Tuesday, March 03, 2009

My Impending Aneurysm

This redesign will be the death of me.
This morning was a cluster from hell of "move this over there," "move that over here," "move something even though you have no idea where the hell it goes and don't care."
I was SO all over the last one.
I knocked the living hell out of my legs while trying to move books. Those large size book shelf moving contraptions are dangerous. Let me tell you. Or if you were closer, and I knew you well enough, I'd just show you. LOL
And now there are self-checkout machines and all sorts of business that is new to us and our customers. So we're all trying to play "technology cram" so that we know what the blazes we're talking about in less than a week.
So I smoked a cigarette.
Yeah. You read that right. I, who quite June 15, 2008, had a cigarette. And it tasted like dog shit, but I smoked it anyway because I swear to God it was either homicide or nicotine. I chose nicotine.
And let me just add that it tasted like crap. I will sooooo never go back to that one. Ew. About made me sick. Lesson learned.
I was STILL rather wound tight so I went and tanned at lunch. The offshoot being that my lunch was a bag of Cracker Jacks, but still. Tanning is therapeutic for me. I lay there, bake, and ponder the ins and outs of my little world. I also needed the time out of the building. Because these four walls are tap dancing on my last damn nerve.
Okay. Enough bitching. Um...until tomorrow.
I saw, I swear to you, a 75 year-old man driving a Domino's Pizza Delivery car, and I am very saddened.
Help a person riding one of those little cart things in a grocery store unload their groceries.
If the construction guys knew what was good for them, they would seriously hide the hammers.

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