Thursday, March 12, 2009

Spring Fever

Ok. I'll admit it. Every spring I have this romantic streak that rises up, grabs me by the throat, and surely gets my attention.
It's the flowers blooming and the livestock getting it on for my ride to and from work. By the way, equine sex, my girls do not approve. LMAO
(We have horses in the pasture behind our house, and they are feeling the love. That's all I'm saying.)

But spring makes me feel poetic and dreamy and like I want to run in a gauzy white dress amongst the daffodils. *grins* And for someone as down-to-earth as I am, it's rather interesting.
So I rented "The Romance of Astrea and Celadon" from the library the other day. It's French with lovely subtitles and whatnot. But there was talk of fairies and nymphs and such. So I picked it up.
I don't mind the subtitles. Not a bit. I read rather fast so I can still catch facial expressions and nuances.
But this romance was EXTREME!!!
In a nutshell, Celadon and Astrea's parents hated each other so they didn't want the kids to get together. Astrea told Celadon to flirt with another chick so life would be bearable for the pair. Well, he did. And then this troublemaker guy showed Astrea that her beloved Celadon and other chickie were together behind a tree.
So Astrea goes off and tells Celadon never to be in her sight again unless she tells him. All his protestations met with naught, so he replies..."Then I shall go and drown myself."
And he TRIES!!!
To drown himself.
Because Astrea broke his heart. And he didn't want to live without her.
I think I had to rehinge my jaw.
It was such a romance from another time. By today's standards...he would've said something along the lines of "Bitch, please. You told me to go flirt so I did. Now get over it."
There was also cross-dressing and a few other items that I think raised my eyebrows a bit. But what sticks with me is the fact that as surely as love can can damage when used as a weapon.
Those are my deep thoughts for the day.

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