Saturday, January 12, 2008


Hello my lovelies!

It's all about the writing today.

What shall I endeavor to impart today? Words of wisdom? Precious pearls of pithiness? Annoying alliteration?

I simply want to talk about the writing.

When I talked at Red Dirt, I tried to stress the importance of writers listening to their literary souls. Because when that voice is heard and validated, the writing is as it should be. I'm not talking Hemingway here. But I'm speaking to the deep sense of satisfaction writers feel when the words convey what we selected them to convey.
Ah, bliss.

I find my writing pattern changes with the wind nowadays. I let my schizophrenic tendencies take over. Whether that means writing out of order (a major occurence as of late) or simply working on four different works at the same time (my desktop is NOT loverly), I embrace that. Because that's in my literary comfort zone.

Gone are the days when I had all the free time in the world to sit down and conjure up a fictional world. Long gone, my friends. Now I snatch time as I can from the steely jaws of Father Time (I wonder...does he REALLY have steely jaws?) and work with what I am able to work with.
So each word is precious.

I HATE the delete button. I really, really do. Say I'm bipping along, weaving my story, and I hit a speed bump. When I, myself, am taken out of the story. THIS is the Kiss of Death. If I can't even follow it, who the hell else is going to? But I never continue in the same vein. Deleting a sentence or two is fine. Deleting half a page makes me look extremely hard at my cocktail selection.

I also know, when starting any one novel, whether it is more traditional romance fare or the naughty stuff.
(You know I love both.)
But with a title like Programmed for Pleasure...methinks that an explanation of content would be unnecessary. *grins*

I find that the more accepting of my style, the easier the writing. When I looked back on this past year and realized Programmed for Pleasure released in November 2007 and Water Goddess released in December 2007, I was amazed. Just a month apart.
And the fascination with this?
Programmed for Pleasure is a Controversial Romance. There is sex aplenty. There are toys, voyeurism, and other such things.
Water Goddess has one integral love scene.
A complete dichotomy of my books.
But yet, undeniable extensions of me.
And I'm well with that.

So I'm simply who you are. Write what you know or what fascinates you.
Don't shut down those voices in your head ( that just me???).
Embrace who you are. The life you can bring to your story.
And don't be afraid to foray into paths less travelled.
THAT'S when the real story begins.

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