Saturday, January 26, 2008

When I lost me

I seem to find bits of myself now. Little pieces I thought I lost along the past year. Some are probably gone forever. Some a bit beat up. But some are exactly what I need when I need it.

I'm in a better place now. A place I haven't seen in oh-so-many years. A place where I can recognize myself with all my fallacies and foibles. And I'm well with it. Because this is it. And some people really don't get it.
There's no second go-round. You don't get to zip right back to your life after it's gone.

The decisions you make today affect tomorrow and every day past that. And not only do your decisions affect yourself, there's a ripple effect. Little pieces of your energy bouncing off or clinging to others in your life.
You don't get to throw up your hands and say DO OVER!!! Nope. No such luxury.

Every bit of hatefulness you spout comes back to you.
Every bit of spitefulness that you feel so righteous in sharing will eventually bite you on the ass.
Every time you dismiss someone or something out of'll regret it.

On the other hand...
Every bit of love you offer to the world will return to you tenfold.
Every kind word will echo in your and the recipient's heart for an eternity.
Every loving gesture makes all the difference in the world.

Don't wrap yourself in martyrdom and tell yourself that you feel validated. Accept your shortcomings. Your errors. Your life.
And then start to build on a foundation that will carry you and yours through the hard times.
My best,


Jill Monroe said...

You know, this is a lesson I've been trying to teach my daughters. We're getting into the "mean girl" phase in school. Sigh....

Lyvvie said...

Where've you gone? Did you jinx yourself and get lost again? come back!!

Dreading the "mean girl" phase and I sense it on the horizon.