Monday, January 14, 2008

Writing perks

Morning, y'all!

I have a bit of good news. Programmed for Pleasure is #1 on Fictionwise for Whiskey Creek Press. And it's #15 out of over 4000 in the Erotic section. *grins*
(late correction: #8!!!)
So that tends to perk one up on a sleepy Monday morning.
I also have my fingers crossed for a good review from Romantic Times Magazine for this one. That'll be out the next issue, March 2008.

Also a possibility that the local newspaper may interview me. This...ought to be interesting. *laughing*

Worked on Wind Goddess this weekend. And my little noggin' is mulling over possibilities for WATS and SWTWC. Just a whole bunch of ideas bouncing around.

More good news!!!
Oh yes. It's true. *grins* And don't think I wasn't yelling and freaking my children out Sunday because of it. LOL
So that means that the Packers and Giants will play for the NFC Championship. Then the winner of that one goes to the SUPER BOWL!!!

Though it will be a tad bit easier to focus on the um...writing...when it's not football season.
*scuffing toe* Such as it is.

Have a good one! Even if it IS Monday.
How spite of it?

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Lyvvie said...

Hooray, it's payday!! I'm of to WCP!