Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Diverse Reading

I work around books. Yes, it IS Heaven on earth. *grins*
So my chickies are exposed to all sorts of literature. But they all have very different reading tastes.

I love romance. Um...obviously. lmao
But I also like to dip into Teen Fiction occasionally. Clive Barker. Stephen King. And I enjoy classics such as Little Women and Our Town.

Baby Chicken likes to read A Man Called Dave. She read the hell out of Junie B. Jones several years back. And she's at that in-between age of not quite juvenile fiction, not quite teen fiction. And she's so picky. Not that I blame her. Why read it if you can't enjoy it?

Middle Chicken used to read Captain Underpants. She owns all of them. You have to have a particular type of humor to enjoy these um...interesting books. LOL
Now, she's discovered Gossip Girl Books and It Girl Books. *eye roll* They SO don't tell you about this in the Mama manual. Now she has dreams and aspirations of going to New York.
*gasp* *wheeze*
She's killing me.
Oh! And a series of books about an English teenage girl. It has SNOGGING in the title. *sigh*
Thanks so much, J.K.Rowling. HA!

Oldest Chicken will read anything that has to do with High School Musical. *sigh* Yeah. That includes the Honeycomb Cereal box. Sheesh. Who knew? But she also devoured all the Harry Potter books. And literature with a magical bent captures her attention.

We've come a long way from Hop on Pop, Put Me in the Zoo, and Green Eggs and Ham.
And I'm sure there are lots more books to discover on the way. Worlds to explore. Laughter to share.
It's one of the greatest gifts I can give my children.
If only I can keep Middle Chicken in Oklahoma.


Mr. Me said...

Is there an I love to read gene or something that parents pass onto their kids? It must have not been passed on to me. Dad, Steph, and mom all love to read and can read a book in a day. Me? I am not a fast reader and I can't seem to sit myself down and say READ.

Mr. Me said...

When I do read, it is biographies, historical fiction, or magazines. I did sit down this winter break and read "This Boy's Life" by Tobias Wolfe because it had been sitting on the bookshelf staring at me long enough. Actually the real reason was I woke up early one morning and didn't want to disturb anyone by getting on the computer, so I read.