Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Wonders never cease

My second blog post in as many days.
*checking my head for a fever*

There was a bit of a discussion today at work this morning about the honor I received from Romantic Times Magazine.
Several co-workers would like to see if there's possibly a way to fundraise or seek funds so that I can go to Pittsburgh.
I'm not even contemplating it. It's one of those...if it happens...I'll probably pass out.
So, we'll see.
*concentrating on NOT hyperventilating*

If, however, I cannot go, I think I'm going to ask a fellow Oklahoma author to read a small thank-you note if I win. (Yeah. A girl can dream. *grins*)

Today's my cousin's 21st birthday. Go visit him. He's bringing sexy back. lmao
What a nut.

The chickens are doing well. We had a nightful of homework last night. OMG. My reluctant education continues. And there are term papers in my baby chicken's future. Yes! PAPERS as in plural.
Oh Lord.

Tonight is Biggest Loser and SVU. Good night of television. Making some chicken with a veggie.
Now. If I can just make it until 5:30 pm.


Mr. Me said...

Thanks cuz for the very public birthday announcement!

Bryan said...

Congratulations on the RT nomination. Best of luck.

And thanks for the pretty greetings on my MySpace page. You don't know how often those smiles came just when I needed them.