Monday, January 07, 2008

Wisdom from middle chicken

Let me preface this with saying that when I had oldest chicken, we had a routine. Up at a certain time. Breakfast. Lunch. Nap. Dinner.
Then along came middle chicken (who at the time was simply second chicken. I mean, really. Who knew?).
Middle chicken is a night owl. Completely opposite, as far as her biorhythms go, to oldest chicken.
So when I say it's bedtime...guess who's dragging her feet?

But this is also a rather neat time for her and I. If she's in the mood to talk, she'll come flying into my room and lay down by the bed. This is my cue. Middle chicken is feeling chatty.
Let the conversation begin.

Middle chicken is a lot like me insofar as the fact that she will jump randomly from subject to subject. This drives other people batshit. I'm well with it.

First we talk about good memories. Things that middle chicken misses from the old house. A walk down memory lane. Then she says that she can't remember being in my stomach. And that it's disappointing. Because she knows she was there. And she REALLY has no recollection of before the time her dad's sperm met my egg.
Yeah. lmao
She said that.

We then jump off into a discussion of Runescape (trademark this). Runescape is an online game playing venture that lets teens interact with each other like a little village. Think 1800's England or something of the sort.
THOUSANDS of teens play this game. My girls love it.

Middle chicken then proceeds to tell me that she's a lower level on the game and that one of the higher level guys kind of watches out for her and makes sure no one picks on her because of her lower level.
Then SHE took up the mantle, and a chickie (level fifty something) saw this and gifted my chicken with game jewels and money and whatnot. Middle chicken buys a bunch of crowns (we ARE talking middle chicken here) and proceeds to disperse them among the crowd.
One of the girls that approaches her asks if she can have one since she isn't cool outside the game and people make fun of her.
MC says that sure she can have the crown, but not for that reason. She can have a crown because she wants it. Not because of the other stuff. The crown is for her to enjoy. Not to wear as a shield.
The girl is impressed. She asks if MC is "cool." MC responds...I'm just normal. And then proceeds to give this girl a pep talk and explain that other people can't dictate how you feel about yourself. And if you feel good about yourself, nothing can change that.
The girl asks if MC will tell other girls this. MC isn't on very often, and she declines.
Fast forward.
The girl MC helped tells another girl what MC said. This second girl was being verbally abused about her weight. Second girl actually POPS (I'm NOT advocating this) thin chickie. Thin chickie holes up at her house out of embarrassment and begins eating non-stop. Second girl feels better.
And MC says...don't be happy with her misery. Now you're just like her.

Can you imagine?
All this wisdom in middle chickens little teen body. I'm amazed. Told her I was proud. Why, she asked.
Because, I told her, you said exactly the right thing.

There are days when you look at your offspring and glow with the pride and joy they inspire. This was one of those many days.

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Tori Lennox said...

The Middle Chicken is most wise! :)