Sunday, May 20, 2007

One damn productive weekend

I gave the chickens options this weekend. One play day. One work day. (Because that's just how I roll. *grins*)
They chose Saturday to be play day.
So...we get up. Go bowl two games. (And yes. For you inquiring minds...I got my ass beat again). Then we head to a grocery store and pick up some fried chicken, potato salad, rolls, and soda. Then we head to a park in the next city over. And they have ramps!!! *insert picture of oldest child salivating as she just got new rollerblades*
So all three chickenbutts rollerbladed at the skate park. Then we zip back to town, and I let them skate at another park which has walkways. Then we go to the sno-cone place where we've gone for the past 7 or so years. Every year. It's a tradition with us. And there is NOTHING like the first taste of the first sno-cone of the season. Seriously. (I always order pink lemonade. Mmmmmm)
Then we travel back to another close city where they skate some more!!! Oh...and we had some Mickey D's.
So there. *big sigh* BUSY DAY!!!

Sunday was work day. Alas. My poor little chickens. *snort* And I worked their tiny collective butts into the ground. *grins* Yeah. I roll like that, too.
We cleaned. And I mean not just a little bit. Finally got all those clothes out of my laundry room and into the back of the van to donate. Everything swept, laundered, cleaned, and vacuumed. Whew! I even got some writing in. *nodding* Pretty damn special.

So there's my weekend. Busy. Productive. Fun. Hope yours was a good one. And I know I can wake up tomorrow (unfortunately at the buttcrack of dawn) and say...hell yes! I didn't waste a minute.

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Tori Lennox said...

Man, your weekend makes me exhausted just reading about it. *g*