Saturday, May 05, 2007

My blog

See the title of my blog? Chrys' World. Because in this lovely Internet journal, I share pieces of my life. Both personal and professional. Right now, the professional rocks.
I'm editing Fire Goddess. Working on a submission for Ellora's Cave. And also working on a short story and Water Goddess. All good. I'm also thinking about what I want to take with me to the Red Dirt Festival this November. Promo items and the like. life has taken a turn of late. Everything that once was is now no longer. And I like to have my blog to bounce off of and share thoughts on this.
I'd like to thank the co-worker who reads this blog and confronted my ex about making themselves look good but in was anything but. I'm sucking the backlash right now, but I appreciate the thought. More than you know.

My ex made promises that they didn't keep. Left a phone bill that exceeds $500 dollars. And continually tries to make my life a living hell. I'm moving on. This person has no bearing on my life anymore. It's a malevolent person who will take a child's security and screw it to the wall because they can. And one in denial who blames everyone but themselves.
I was no model partner. I know this. But I tried so damn hard to make it work. All for nothing. Let's just say this was one hell of an expensive learning experience. That's the reality of it. (A small postnote...I just got a 48 hour cut-off notice for the electric this person was supposed to pay. Just another example of what a worthless ass this person is.)
My ex told me to quit writing about them. About where there living now. About the backstabbing bitch who used to be my friend. Because this ex still wants control of my life. A control I'll never willingly give again to this person. Decisions were made. Words said. Actions taken that altered more than one life. Selfishness rules supreme. And I'm working through it. In my way. On my blog. Through friends and family.
And I'm so much better without this person. This toxic individual full of lies, deceit, and broken promises.

I love my children. My life. My job. And I'm talking to someone right now who gets me. Not the me that they want to support them while giving nothing in return. Someone who hears me. And someone who didn't just want me to "take care of them."

I'm over you.


Rene said...

Good for you, Chrys. You are so much better than that and deserve so much more.

Tori Lennox said...

You go, girl!!! I'm with Rene!

Lyvvie said...

To no longer wanted control freaks who can't pay bills on time we say: YouForCoffee (you have to say it out loud). :P

(I would just say it but I forget how you feel about cussing on your blog)

Suzanne said...

I'm so sorry, Chrys. That sucks.