Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Let the good times roll!

For the chickens.

Yep. It's the last day of school. *sigh* I would have rallied for year-round school, but no one asked. Damn it.
So the chickens will be home for about 2 1/2 months. Then back the academic grind. And I've (fortunately) got quite a few things planned this summer so there will be no whines of "I'm bored!"
*collective Mama groan*
I know you're feeling me. :)~~

I've also finished editing Fire Goddess! Yay!!! Let me just say...I do NOT enjoy the editing process. And by the time I've finished looking at my own story (SEVERAL times)...I just want to scream, "Take it!" and shove it in someone else's hands. Mebbe that's just me. *grins*

It's only Tuesday. A fact which I am in denial about. I've thought it was Wednesday since I woke up. That doesn't bode well for the rest of the week. Know what I mean?
But I've had a good day. And I'm glad for it. Even if *sigh* it's NOT Wednesday.
Have a meeting tomorrow in Norman. One which I think I will really enjoy. It's about Publicity and Marketing. And what author couldn't use a little more info in that direction?

I'm going to go make a difference now. Enjoy the day!!!


Lyvvie said...

Come to the UK, our kids are in school until the 5th of July and then go back on the 2oth of August. Bliss!

How are you managing summer vacation with work?

Rene said...

My kids don't get out until June somethingerother. My usual answer when the kids tell me they are bored is "clean your room."

Lyvvie said...

My mom used to say "Only boring people get bored. Are you a boring person?" and who ever wants to admit to being boring??

Mr. Me said...

I'm VERY jealous. I still have 2 weeks of instruction, then a week of finals. Then I may start summer school the week after. ICK.