Sunday, February 26, 2006

What do you think?

From AOL News this morning:
Envy Confessions from Moms.
What's the main thing you envy about another mom?
32% Her organized life
29% Her looks
20% Her house
11% The way her kids behave
8% Her husband

I know a lot of y'all are Moms. Most of the blogs I visit are from ladies who are Moms. I'm a Mom. And we often weave our writing, our everyday lives, and our children through our blogs. So here's my question: How accurate do you think this is?
I'll admit to having a twinge on envying a Mom's house and looks. That's it. NO ONE has that organized of a life. And if they do, then there are major problems underneath. That's my opinion. I don't envy another Mom's kids behavior, because quite honestly, I think my chickens are very well-behaved. I've had compliments before about the way they act outside the house. And good God, they're not perfect! But they're children. And at least they have personality. *grins*
I don't envy another woman her husband. Ever. The grass may LOOK greener. But then again, it may be over the septic tank, too. Ya know what I mean. And if a woman is truly happy with her husband, why would I envy that? I love it. For her. NOT for myself.
But a Mom's looks? Oh hell yes. I have always wanted to look like one of those women who can roll out of bed and look good just by running a brush through her hair and pulling on jeans. And I know a few of these women. I would say it has to be genetics, but I'd be lying. My Mom is in her fifties and looks great. I look completely like two different people. I can look raggedy as all hell (catch me in the middle of a writing frenzy) or half-assed decent (going out or having to attend a school function for the chickens). Amazing that.
I also have envied, at times, another Mom's house.
When I say that mine is in need of repair, I'd be glossing over a bunch of facts I don't care to share. Needless to say, there is a lot of work to be done here.
But all in all I wouldn't trade it. The surface may look better for other Moms. The side you gaze at may be polished. But there are things we can't see. Problems we aren't privy to. So I'll take my flawed life as it is and be happy.
But damn! I'd still like to look good with a little less effort. LMAO


Michelle said...

I'd love to trade my messy house for a clean one! But as for lives, I don't really envy anyone else. I'm pretty happy the way I am.

Danica said...

I feel the same way... the grass may be greener, but I'm afraid of that septic tank. At least I know what's in/under my grass.

Rene said...

I envy other mothers who look organized. But not actively. I'm sure they have their problems and I wonder what they've sacrificed to be that organized. That's about it. I don't envy anything else. Oh, well maybe those moms that only have one kid.

Dawnyal said...

I guess I'm pretty happy with my life and don't really envy other Moms. Sure I would love a clean house all the time and to be more organized at home.