Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Good news!

I've been hit and miss with my emails lately. I've tried to answer what I can and then file the rest. But I finally opened one that talked about the CAPA and PSYCHE awards at The Romance Studio.
So I decided to go and check it all out. And what should I find? ME! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA
I'm nominated under Paranormal Romance for Perfect Timing. OMG!
What a rush.
So please send good thoughts. And if you're nominated in the same of luck to you.


B said...

OMG!! Honey, that's awesome! Wow, what an incredible feeling that must be. Good luck, sending tons of good thoughts, and fingers crossed tightly! Do you know when they will announce the winners yet? I can't wait to hear!


Tori Lennox said...


Rene said...

Great News! I tried looking through the list for your name but the type is kind of small. I get confused easily. I figured if you got nominated you'd say something.

Larissa said...

Congratulations! That's GREAT!

chryscat said...

Bev: Thanks! I think the winners will be announced on St. Patrick's Day. I'm up against a couple of heavy hitters.
Tori and Larissa: Thanks! Appreciate the congrats!
Rene: You crack me up. That's OK. I didn't see the title, I caught my name on the way down.

Michelle said...

Yahoo!! Great news, Chrys!