Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Another fine mess

I've done it again. How? I have no idea. Just gifted, I guess.
Tomorrow, I will be going to the chickens' school during band. I will then attempt to help all the lovely, little clarinet players out. I've also been asked to come in at least once next week.
Yep. You got it.
I'm a band nerd from way back. LOVE band. And now my oldest chicken is playing the same instrument that I did for years. The band director told me that their tone (all the clarinet players) needs improvement. Then she asked if I could come and give them pointers. *laughing* And I jumped at it.
Obviously, I have no better sense.
Part of me is excited. And part of me is scared I'm going to flub up. But this is their first year of band, and I had six years of it. I made honor bands. I sat fairly high up in the clarinet hierarchy. So why am I so stressed?
Performance anxiety.
It's different when you're sitting in a group of three or more. You blend. Sounds mesh together. But I'll have no one to blend with. It'll be the simple, stark sound of one clarinet.
I'll let everyone know how it shakes out.

And...a question for y'all. Where can I find a reliable listing of romance fiction contests? I'm thinking about subbing to a couple to get my work in front of a larger print editor. Any comments will be highly appreciated.


Michelle said...

Chrys--LOL and wtg on the band stuff!! :)

As for reliable contests, the Romance Writers Report magazine from RWA has good listings. Or you can check local RWA chapters and they often list their contests. I'm assuming this is the kind you mean? They do list ones for published authors. Good luck!

Silma said...

Hmm... besides the one mentioned by Michelle, you can also check out Romance Divas. I've got a few posted in my blog too.

Rene said...

Shoot, there's a yahoo group that lists the romance contests. I used to belong to it.

Charlotte Dillon has a whole section on contests. Romance Writing

I'd have anxiety too if I had to perform. I played flute and was pretty good. I don't think I could do anymore.

Dawnyal said...

shoot I'm so jealous. I too played clarinet for 6 years. I cried when I finally sold mine. (I would've kept but I really needed the money at the time.) I'm hoping to be able to transfer my kids to a bigger school so they can have the band geek experience just like me :)