Monday, February 13, 2006


I borrowed this from Tess
And now you're up-to-date.

current clothing: Blue, shiny flip-flops. Black tank top. Black pants.
current hair: Chestnut, shoulder length, straight ('cause I IRONED it)
current mood: PFFFTTTTTT
current refreshment: Diet Pepsi. Are you kidding? LOL
current annoyance: My tooth is killing me. My children are annoying me. And I can't get a grip on the very beginning of my latest work. I'm stressed about my first solo chat tonight. And I have to go BACK into town to pick up my friend from work at seven. ACK!
current avoidance: The current work in progress. Oh, and cooking. And making my bed. And doing dishes. And...pretty much everything.
current smell: Roses. I just bought a dozen red and a dozen white. Pretty. *grins*
current thing you ought to be doing: Working on my chat tonight. WRITING.
current thing or things on your wall: A whole lotta nothing.
current IM/person you're talking to: Gee. I don't much care for IMing. Every once in awhile. And I'm always talking to myself, if that helps.
current jewelry: Both my rings are sitting in the cleaning solution right now. I'm thinking of getting one of those earrings higher up in my ear. I've heard that rather smarts, though. Thoughts?
current book: I'm kind of reading Nora Robert's Flower Trilogy. But I'm waiting on my copy of Cell by Stephen King.
current worry: Not enough white space in here to take care of that. Let's just say financial and sanity. That about covers it.
current favorite celebrity: I really like Hugh Laurie. And I really dislike all these little flaky twits such as Jessica Simpson and Brittany Spears. Erk.
current obsession: How to make everything come together smoothly. Oh...and how the hell to get this latest manuscript started.
current love: That person has highly irritated me right now. Will rent this space out. LOL
current longing: More time, less children interruptus, and a finished manuscript or three.
current disappointment: SEE: Current LOVE
current lyric in your head: Okay. Either Pump It by the Black-eyed Peas, Dont'cha by the PussyCat Dolls, or Honty Tonk Badonkadonk by Trace Adkins.
current music: Usually I'll roll my media player with Reba. But it's silent right now.
current favorite book: Always my own. Even when I'm pulling out my hair.
current favorite movie: This is difficult. I can't think of anything that floats my boat right now. I rarely see movies anyway. But I AM looking forward to Pirates of the Carribean 2.
current wish: For a little sanity and a little "me" time
current happy thing: A day to myself in the near future.
current undergarments: White, satiny things.
current desktop picture: My AOL expressions is a mass of red hearts. My desktop is blue water with a tiny island and three palm trees.
current plans for tonight/weekend: I've booked my mother to babysit the heathens Friday night. At which point in time, I will put TOO much make-up on, drink too much, and generally tear it up. My birthday is Saturday, and by God, I'm going to bring it in right. LMAO
So what are you currently doing?


Nancy J. Bond said...

current worry: Not enough white space in here to take care of that. Let's just say financial and sanity. That about covers it.

You got an Amen from me on that one. :) Fun list!

Tess Harrison said...

Great Answers, Chrystal!