Sunday, February 05, 2006

I breathe in, I breathe out

I did it.

I finished Fire Goddess and sent it off.

You know, I sometimes don't realize how much writing means to me. Nor how quickly I zip through some of it.
November 7, 2005, I had 30,000 words. I finished today at 67,900 words. And I hardly worked at all the first two weeks of December or January.
Makes me wonder what I could accomplish if I put my mind to it. LMAO

I was so stressed out about not having submitted anything this year. And then I began to think about what I've done. What I have coming out. And what I want to accomplish.
Heady stuff, that.

Two anthologies in January.
Time Travel Romance in February.
Anthology in April
Erotic Paranormal Romance in June.
Paranormal Romance in July.
Anthology in August.

Not bad for someone who was about to hyperventilate about a week and a half ago.
But I still want to finish three more novels this year, find an agent, and write at least four short stories.
I also got my script back and need to cut some pages out of it. I'm tackling that Thursday.
I'm not sure what I want to get into next. Probably my HQN submission. That and possibly the sequel to Virtually Yours.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!!


Dorothy said...

LOL, I'm enjoying my week-end all rewrites. Have a nice week-end and don't forget to breathe! ;o)

Michelle said...

Good luck, Chrys! Your list is incredibly busy! :)

Tori Lennox said...

You go, girl!!! Congrats on finishing and shipping out your manuscript!!!

Dawnyal said...

wtg on getting in finished. Woohoo.

Rene said...

What an ambitious young woman you are! You go, girl.

Amy said...

Good grief, you're feeling inadequate? Guess that makes me a lazy sloth! ;)

By the way, what part of OK do you live in? I traveled through the whole state on I-35 this weekend and thought of you.

B said...

Wow honey, I'm so darn proud of you! I knew you could do it, and more importantly, you knew you could do it too. Keep believing in yourself sweetie, and you'll continue to amaze yourself by proving time and again what you're really made of.


Jill Monroe said...

Whoo hooo!!! I'm so excited for you!