Monday, February 20, 2006

Feeling good

I'm still writing, mind you, but as for now I've typed 6500 words today. Isn't that awesome? I knew I wanted to work on my Erotic Romance. And it has simply seemed to flow through me today. I can't believe it. I'm usually happy with half that. But the words kept coming and coming. And who am I to deny them?
My emails seemed to be slower today than usual, so I wasn't constantly checking to see what was happening there.

I think I'm about to wind it down for the day. My wee, little brain is tired. And I'm at a good stopping point.
Hope your Monday was a good one. The chickens were home today because our roads were so damn hazardous. Hopefully their heinies will be schoolbound tomorrow.


Silma said...

I barely squeezed 600 words yesterday. What did you eat/drink to make your muses so productive?

Rene said...

That's a lot of words. Congrats.

I'm so glad weather doesn't keep my kids home. THey had yesterday off so I was thrilled to see them go today.

chryscat said...

Silma: Not sure. If I knew, then I'd follow the same routine everyday. The words just seemed to flow. And I didn't even want to leave the desk for fear of missing something.
Rene: Thanks! Kids are back at school today. Thank God.

B said...

Hey, when you're on a roll, you're on a roll. I say, keep 'em coming!

Now, go rest your weary brain momma, and be thankful for sand trucks and their ability to make way for the heathens to get back to school!!


Amy said...

The words kept coming and coming huh? Yikes, I better not go there. *g*