Tuesday, February 14, 2006


My chat last night went well though there weren't many people there. I think the whole time issue had a lot to do with it. I have the damndest time trying to remember whether I'm adding or subtracting an hour or two. *sigh*
I have another one at the end of the month. I'll see if I can get it together a little better.

I've just signed a contract for an erotic short story due out July 2006. It's called "School's Out", and it will be in the Summer Sizzlers Anthology for Whiskey Creek Press Torrid. I need to get my rear in gear and write a short for the Fall Fires Anthology. I'm leaning towards paranormal this time.
I've also signed a contract for another short story. This one will go in the HATE Anthology from Whiskey Creek Press. The title is "What Goes Around." And it's a rather delicious turn of events. *grins*

I had this idea...*laughing*
It's an Erotic Contemporary Romance. And the title came to me last night. No pun intended. *laughing* Now I'm torn about which direction to go now. Maybe something to sleep on.

And my addiction? Spyro: A Dragon's Tale. OMG. I'm not much for playing video games. Translation: I avoid them like the plague. In fact, I don't remember playing any since Pac-Man. Yeah. You heard me. Pac-Man. Anyway...picked this up for the chickens...and I'm hooked. And now I'm stuck in this one part that I can't get out of. And so I'll be looking for "guides" this evening. Um...ya know. Cheats. hehehe
Wish me luck!
Happy Valentine's Day!!!


Michelle said...

I was that way with Myst a few years back. Very cool game. But it was sucking my writing time down the drain! :)

Rene said...

I have a couple of games I'm hooked on. I'm playing Pharaoh on my laptop and a James Bond game on the gamecube. I'm stuck on the Bond game. The other is a city building game that is taking forever right now. Darn pyramids take forever to build.

B said...

Wow, honey, you're really on fire!!

I gotta say that video games just don't do it for me, but does a solitaire and bejeweled addiction count? If so, I'm guilty as well. *g


Danica said...

I occasionally fall into the game trap. They're very addictive!

Silma said...

Congrats on the chat going so well! Yeah, the whole time zone thingie is quite confusing, but don't worry. *g* As for games, I'm trying to concentrate my energies on writing, so I've taken them out of my computer. Zero distractions. *lol*