Sunday, February 19, 2006


Mr. Chance seems to be working out. He hasn't messed with the cats at all. But birds? OH MY! He goes crazy. There must be no winged individuals on the property. Go figure. I think it's the Black Lab in him. He's a pretty boy. May have to take a picture and post it.
I tested him earlier. He knows how to sit. *blinking* I'm in shock. And he will gently take food from our hands. Isn't that something? But...God NOT turn your back on him because he will tackle you from behind. And he's a big boy.

I tried to get into cutting the rest of the words out of my script for Virtually Yours. Good grief! It's rather hard. I'm hoping to tackle it again tomorrow. ACK! Who knew?

I've got an interview up at Romance Junkies. Here's the url:
Yeah, I should have changed that to a tiny url. *grinning* Sorry 'bout that. If you've got the inclination...check it out.

I think I'm going to work on the script for Virtually Yours again tomorrow and hopefully finish the cuts. And I WANT to work on my next erotic romance. So I think I'll make that a priority tomorrow. I'm antsy to see if my publisher will want the book I just sent to her. Patient, I'm not. *laughing* But working on something else will help me.

Enjoy your Sunday!


Olga said...

Best of luck with the script, and congrats on the interview - I'll check it out!

Michelle said...

Oh, what a friendly little dog! Poor birds.

Must go check out your interview. Great going!

B said...

It's good to hear the new doggy seems to be working out. But I second Michelle, poor birds!! Oh well, soon enough they'll all be one big happy family.

You, not patient? Naaaaah! *g


Nancy J. Bond said...

I'm writing a script right now, too, Crystal and I love the "necessary tightness" of characters and dialogue. (I studied script writing years ago as part of a journalism course.) It is a challenge to cut if you're adapting, though. Is this for a project you can tell us about?