Monday, January 05, 2009

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!

As I live and breathe.
And yes, I do still live and breathe. It was touch and go there for awhile, but I've weathered the damn end-of-the-year storm.

This year ought to be a busy one.
I have the OLA Conference in April. My 20 year reunion in June or July. Red Dirt in November. Plus all the other goodies sandwiched in-between.
The holidays were nice, but I really was glad to say...GOOD BYE!!! I am so done with you!!!
Note the exclamation points.
So yeah. I was pretty damn serious.
Went shopping Friday after work and Saturday. Watched Twilight Saturday with the chickens. It was okay. I'm not a teen girl anymore (Thank you, God!) so I probably didn't relate to it on that level. I did, however, enjoy the romance.
I also took the loaner car in for an oil change and wipers.
Tell me something. When a mechanic parks your car and leaves it in reverse, causes you to majorly freak out and call AAA, shouldn't there be some sort of perk for the traumatized soul?
I would think...yeah.
But after my minor meltdown, I went back to the car, noted it was in reverse (for Pete's sake!!! Seriously???) and popped it in park. Started right up. Of course, the AAA guy just pulled up, and I had to explain the automotive clusterfuck that seems to be my gift. He was very understanding. It was highly appreciated.
The girls went back to school today. But not even an hour after I arrived at work, I received the dreaded call. Let me explain. I LOATHE getting calls at work. It's never any good news. There has been news of illness, swats, and misbehavior. Do I like a co-worker telling me I have a call on Line 3?
Not so much.
So I retrieve OC and shuffle her ass off to the house where she can feel better. But this always costs me at least an hour of work. Ugh
And it's been one hell of a long day, anyway, quite frankly.
Here's a summation over the break:
I discovered J.A. Konrath. (Go forth and read his books. You shall enjoy.)
I cleaned.
I listed my newest year and things that I want/need/desire.
I worked. (Of course. pft)
That's really about it. I'm sure I'm glossing over quite a few facts, but I need to pace myself. It's been three weeks, ya know.


Mr. Me said...

Missed you!!!

Rene said...

I dread getting calls from the school. Talk about a time killer.

I like the car story. I took my car in because the breaks sounded funny. They looked at them, said they were perfect and suggested that perhaps they had gotten wet. Ah well, at least the mechanic didn't charge me.