Thursday, January 08, 2009

Crystal. Party of one.

I fit in.
I don't fit in.
Either works, depending on my mood.

But I find that as I age, gracefully (heh), that I want to be around my friends and people my age. I want that connection I had back in high school with people. The inner circle who know who I am and can appreciate that. Who listen and don't judge. Who will commiserate and not give advice I don't really want. And then give advice when I really damn need it.
It's something for me to work on this year.
My birthday is next month.
I want to go out.

Let me just say that it doesn't bother me to go out by myself. Bar or no. And yes, it's usually a bar. *grins*
But I feel reticent this time for some unknown reason. Will I still go out?
Yeah, probably.
I didn't go last year. Wish I had.
But I think I'll work on reconnecting with those I've lost touch with.

It's been my kids as a priority for so long that I've lost track of the social side of myself. So there are changes in the air.
On a related topic, when I broached the subject of my impending bar trip, MC popped off with...Who's going to watch us?
OC raised her hand. "Me."
Pandemomium broke loose.
I'm like...Hey!!! You're teenagers. I'm not going to be gone all night. You'll be okay. *snort*
Now. The fun begins when they see what I plan on wearing.

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